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 The Hair Design Team:

 Tracie: aka (The Transformer)
Owner & Operator Specialties: Healthy Hair Care

 I am a hair stylist with over 30 years of experience. My focus is and has always been healthy hair growth and maintenance. I have continued my education over the years, because I realized how important it is, for not only me to have you looking as you just came from the salon, but to show you how to maintain that "I just stepped out of the hair salon look".

What inspires me is major transformations. For example, taking someone who has very tight highly textured hair, and after treating, conditioning, and trimming it, turn it into a head that is shining, bouncy & more manageable for you once you are at home.II also expanded my training into a Level 2 Deva Cut Specialist and dry cuts on or highly textured hair. Although we specialize in natural hair, we also offer a wide variety weaves/hair extensions services  to those who want them. I feel strongly that you maintain the health of your hair under your extension service. The question I always ask is: What lies beneath your weave? At Muse Hair Studio the answer is a head full of healthy hair!


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