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Muse Hair Studio:
Healthy Hair Challenge


Imagine having the most exquisite, feminine hairdo ever. Chances are, you just imagined yourself with a lot of hair, whether it was long and straight or curly and voluptuous.

At some point in their lives, just about every woman has the fantasy of growing long, full, luxurious hair. Some have ended up accomplishing this with weaves or extensions. Others have turned to shoulder-length haircuts, such as short curls or bobs. Some people have given up on their hair completely, opting to tie it up in a ponytail and call it a day. Over the years, I’ve encountered a fair share of women claiming that their hair wasn’t built to grow. I’m sure many reading this right now believe that their hair is naturally short.

As the founder of Muse Hair Studio, I’m here to set the record straight.  Your natural hair can, in fact, grow long.  Much longer than you think. The secret to growing long, thick, beautiful natural hair is simple; it’s all about health.  To promote growth, your hair requires proper upkeep, protection, and the avoidance of harmful chemicals/tools.

To celebrate our 12 years in business, I’ve decided to host something that’ll prove, once and for all,  that long hair begins with healthy hair. Introducing; The Healthy Hair Challenge 


Here’s how it’ll work:


  • Muse Hair Studio is looking for 2 candidates to participate in this challenge. 


  • Once chosen, the candidates with receive free protective styles for 6 months


  • Throughout the 6-month process, they must abide by all the hair advice given to them. 


  • Our services will be photographed and videotaped.


  • This experiment will begin in January and end in June.


Throughout this haircare journey, I’ll be documenting the growth process on social media and the Muse Hair Studio website.  Hair growth is an insecurity for many women. Hair is one of the leading indicators of a person’s identity. When it becomes damaged or unable to grow, Muse Hair Studio is here to help.

Wondering if you’re eligible? Here’s what the studio is looking for:



  • The candidate’s hair must be no longer than shoulder length. Its growth has to be at an apparent standstill. 


  • They must be willing to do whatever it takes to get their hair in a healthy state. 


  • The client must have a treatable hair condition; whether that be general hair damage, over-processing, or heat damage.


  • The candidate must have the desire to grow longer hair but is simply having trouble getting there.

  • If you believe you are a good fit for this challenge, please email us at You can also call the salon: 215-613-8041

  • The candidates will be chosen within the next few weeks.


    Be sure to also check out our sale items for December & January:


  • Short Sleeve T-shirts: $5

  • Long Sleeve Shirts: $10

  • Muse Caps: $8

  • Winter Hats: $6

  • Restrictions apply. Participants must provide a down payment of $300 to be repaid when the challenge ends and all terms have been met. Participants will wear a protective style of their choosing and must be able to come in for hair maintenance. All services will be performed at Muse Hair Studio (128 S Easton Rd, Glenside, PA 19038).  Muse Hair Studio will provide these services free of charge, including the hair for such styles. Participants should not take out the protective style without permission from the stylist. 


    Failure to comply with these terms will void the repayment agreement. There will be a written contract for each participant, ensuring that they truly understand the terms. 


  •  by Akilah Stroman
      December 8,2022

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